Thanks to your faithful giving, our Brentwood campus renovations are underway. During this time, we will renovate the worship center, atrium, and hallway spaces to better serve people looking for a church home. 

Below are proposed renderings, as well as frequently asked questions. We look forward to keeping you updated as the construction progresses.

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Campus Renovations Map

Download the Campus Renovations Map to get a detailed look at how you and your family can navigate around the church during the renovations.

Campus Renovations map

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the renovations begin?

Thanks to your giving and pledges, we begin our Brentwood campus renovations on Monday, May 16.

Where will we worship during the renovation?

Hudson Hall. We are blessed to have a second venue that provides us with many of the same capabilities and ample seating capacity.

When will the times be for our worship services?

Thankfully, we are continuing to see an increase in worship attendance. As a result, we will have 3 worship services in Hudson Hall. Currently, we are planning services at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m. We will have overflow areas/venues to accommodate. If our numbers continue to increase, we will explore other options for adding a fourth service.

What will worship be like in Hudson Hall?

Again, we’re thankful that we have another large venue on campus that has similar technological capabilities. The worship style will remain the same as our worship center, and we will involve our normal elements of worship.

Will my group need to move?

Currently, we do not anticipate moving our preschool, children, or adults groups. Group times will adjust due to the change in the worship schedule, but we are not planning to change the physical location of the groups listed above. For our students, group rooms will remain the same, but large groups will utilize the Deaf Chapel on Sundays.

My group meets in Wilson Hall, so how will I get to Hudson Hall during renovations?

We will have alternate hallway routes available to get from one end of the building to the other. One route will be through the choir hallway, and our contractor will maintain another pathway throughout the construction. For those who have mobility issues, we will provide multiple shuttle options to assist.

Where should I park?

If you are attending worship or a group near Hudson Hall, we encourage you to utilize the West parking lot outside of Hudson Hall or the South parking lot on the back of our property.

Where should I enter the building?

The primary entrances for worship will be Door G (Connection Center) or Door H (between the Connection Center and Deaf Chapel).

Still have questions? We’re here for you!

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