Katie and Brandon

East Asia ()

Brandon and Katie met in Taiwan in 2017 and were married in 2019. They both have built a strong community and love doing life among the Taiwanese people.

Katie mentors and disciples college and young professional ladies and loves doing life on life with them and helping them see their worth and value in the Father’s eyes. She also meets weekly with some local families teaching English to their children, and doing life on life with them. Katie also has opportunities throughout the year to share the Easter and Christmas story with a local junior high school.

Brandon is an editor of a magazine at a Christian Media Company that helps teach English to locals and leads a Bible study.

They also are very active in their local church.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Brandon and Katie to grow closer to Jesus today than they were yesterday.
  • Pray for the girls that Katie disciples to grow closer to the Father
  • Pray for the families that Katie invests in to believe in the One True King.


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