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Karla Worley

Ancient Words: 20 words you need to know to understand the story of God and man

Wednesday Jan 11 - Wednesday Mar 8

9:30-11:00 am
At the home of Brenda Holmes

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Teacher: Karla Worley
Hosts:  Brenda Holmes & Julie West

The Bible is one big story of a relationship between God and man, and how God makes that relationship possible.  You probably know a lot of the individual stories in the Bible.  But do you understand the big story?

In this Bible study, we will look at 20 Greek and Hebrew words in the Bible, learn what they teach us about God, and what they look like in a person’s life.  Some of these are words like grace, mercy, sin, truth – words that you are familiar with.  But what was the original meaning?  How did they show up in God’s encounter with people in the Bible? And why are they important to us today?

This study is 9 weeks.  There is no workbook, but there will be homework each week.  For women all ages. Neighbors & friends welcome!

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