Palm Sunday, March 24 | 3:00 and 6:00 PM

Brentwood Baptist Church

Immortal Invisible

Choir & Orchestra

Arr. David Hamilton

My Eternal King

Choir & Orchestra

Arr. Jane Marshall


Joy Fletcher, James Gibson, Tyler Wade, and Jacqueline Weiss

Written by Karla Worley


The Story of God’s Passion for His People

A Modern Oratorio
Composed by Greg Nelson and Bob Farrell
Arranged by David Hamilton
Choral Settings & Orchestration by Ronn Huff
Conducted by David Hamilton

Creation Overture


In the Beginning

Choir & Orchestra

John 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. His presence fills the universe; He is the Maker of all things. Who is, Who was and is to come. In Him is life; that life is the Light of men. Alpha and Omega, the Everlasting God. And His life is the Light, the Light of men.

My Heart Belongs to You

Shane McConnell, Rod Fletcher

Genesis 1:1-2:3

Who will hear the music that I hear? Who will hear the sound that fills the air? Who will see a radiant beam of light dancing for a sun that warms a morning sky? Who will know the beauty of My earth, sense the joy and wonder of its birth? Who will see the glory of the world that I have made? And who will walk beside Me in the garden in the coolness of the day?

Creation’s glorious song that comes from my heart, expresses strains of love, but only in part.
I long to say the words, the words that are true, someone to hear, my heart belongs to you.

And who will feel the summer wind that moves across the water as it flows? Who will enjoy the orchestrated mystery that soars within My soul, who will hear the glory of the music that I hear? I will create man to be in My own image, for him from the dust of the earth and breathe into him My own breath of life.

Lord, I hear You speak to me. How lovely are Your words, how beautiful the sound.

This wondrous paradise and all that you see…

Could never match the joy when You’re here with me.

The message of My song will always be true, Mi corzaòn, My heart belongs to you. You will enjoy the orchestrated mystery that soars within My soul,

And we can feel the summer wind that
moves across the water as it flows.
This wondrous paradise and all that you see
expresses strains of love, but only in part.
The message of My heart will always be true.
Mi corzaòn, “My heart belongs to you.”
My life, My love, My heart belongs to you.

And we can feel the summer wind that
moves across the water as it flows.
Creation’s glorious song that comes from my
heart, could never match the joy when You’re
here with me. I long to say those words, the
words that are true, someone to hear – “My
heart belongs to You.” My life, my love, my heart
belongs to You.

Where Are You, Adam

Angie Forsythe, Mark Fekry, and Choir

Genesis 3
The serpent came beguiling, so tempting his alluring smile, ever inviting. With crafty words deceived them, two innocents believed it all, and started to fall in a myriad of lies. God’s only law was broken and now their eyes were opened wide, the deed had been done. So, God cried, “Where are you, Adam? You’re so afraid, please tell Me now, why did you taste and bring the curse to Paradise?”

The Promised Land

Kendra Gibbs, David Hamn, Paul Cox, and Choir

Exodus 1:1-14; 2:23- 4:17; Exodus 4:27-6:13; 6:28-12:42; Exodus 14; 16:1-17:7; 19:1-20:21; Deuteronomy 5-6

Bondage! Bondage! Cruel oppression and bondage! Persecution at Pharoah’s hand. Woe to sons of Israel now slaves in Egypt’s land. Years of misery and bondage, suffering under the tyrant’s hand. The people’s spirit broken, all hope and freedom gone, could Heaven even hear their mournful song?

Tears that fell like rain were born in pain from Israel crying out; and moved the heart of God. He stretched out His hand, brought forth the man to lead them from that place. He took them for His own. He would deliver them from chains of bondage, rescue them with mighty judgments, fulfill the promise of their fathers, be the God of holy covenant.

Born was the Spirit in Israel that day, a nation delivered as Moses had prayed; Praise to Jehovah and His mighty hand, led them from bondage to the promised land.

Wandering, wandering, years of marching and wandering, through the desert the people came. Though their Saviour freed them, they doubted and complained. Were they to be abandoned in this place?

God was always there with patient care, He taught them all His ways; And loved them as His very own. He would proclaim the power of God Almighty and dwell with all the chosen people, in their midst unveil His glory, showing them His strength in faithfulness.

A pillar of cloud led the children by day, and a fire in the night as the Lord showed the way. Tablets of stone held the holy commands, Law they would live by in the promised land. Manna from Heaven, water from stone, miracle power of the Lord was shown. God in His glory whose wonders abound, leading His children to higher ground, the promised land!

Holiness and majesty, God revealed for man to see. Onward to Zion, the children were led, rescued in mercy from suffering and death. Chosen to follow the Great I AM, crossing the Jordan to the promised land.

Kings of the Earth

Paul Cox, Shane McConnell, Travis Cottrell, and Choir

Psalm 2; Jeremiah 6:13-14; Daniel 7:13-14; Isaiah 9:1-7; Romans 14:11; Revelation 5:11-14

The kings of the earth and the kingdoms built by man rise up in their glory, then go back to dust again. The kings of the earth who rule with might and power will bend their knee to God. When time concludes its final hour that day will come.

The kings of the earth and their power to rule the land was founded by the Lord in His covenant with man. But the kings of the earth would make their own decree, they set themselves above their God and His authority, they mocked their God.

Their empires feed upon the souls of men, and the lust for power becomes their sacrament. They rail the people with their cries of peace, but there is no peace.

Take heart, ye children of the promise, for God will not be mocked. For the Lord will repay, and His kingdom remains. Blessed are His children. Blessed are His covenants. Blessed is His mighty kingdom. And blessed is the name of the Lord. In power, in glory, His kingdom will come. His promise is now and forever and ever. Amen. Blessed the name of the Lord. Oh, blessed is the name of the Lord.

Rose of Sharon with My Heart Belongs to You

Ernie Rushing, Caroline Morris, Colleen Bridges, Rod Fletcher, and Choir

Song of Solomon 2:1*
*The Song of Solomon is a love story between a bride and groom. Because the groom and bride are often used in the Bible as a picture of Jesus and his church, Jesus has sometimes been called The Rose of Sharon.

In fields of white beyond the gate of dreams, there Sharon’s garden lay bathed in sun and streams. And gently nestled there a flower so full of grace, a cherished bloom so fair takes the breath away.

The Rose of Sharon, the Rose of Sharon, the precious Rose of Sharon.

It grew in spring until its beauty shone, until the winter winds blew cold. This lovely bloom so sweet was taken in its prime, an act of sacrifice as each petal died.

It was near to the heart of God. It was near to the very heart of God.

The message of My song will always be true; My life, My love, My heart belongs to you.

We Need a Saviour

Ernie Rushing, Shane McConnell, and Choir

Psalm 6; Psalm 74; Psalm 90:13-17; Isaiah 66:15-16; Habakkuk 1:2-5

So long they had waited as a nation for a sign of liberation, knowing Messiah soon would come. So sure if they prayed with perseverance He would make a swift appearance, bringing the power to overcome.

The people said, “We need a Saviour who’ll come in glory and power. Oh Lord, hear our cry, ‘cause You know we need Him now!” The people said, “Send us a strong King, a man from God to end our suffering. Oh Lord, hear our cry.”

Longing for the sweeter taste of freedom, and the day that they would see Him coming to lead their people on. Reigning as the conquering avenger, watching enemies surrender, and finding that liberty had come.

And when He came in His might, the waiting would know of its worth. For they would govern with Him and rule over all the earth.

Man of Sorrows with We Need a Saviour

Mark Fekry, Kendra Gibbs, Shane McConnell, and Choir

Isaiah 53; Zechariah 4:6

Redemption did not come as they expected, for He came not as a king, nor as a thing of beauty, that they should desire Him.

Who has believed our message? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? He grew up before Him as a tender shoot and like a root out of dry ground. He was a Man of sorrows.

He was despised and rejected by man; A Man who was acquainted with grief, and as one from whom men hide their faces, we regarded as one who was stricken by God; He was a Man of sorrows.

He was pierced for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, by His stripes we are healed; He bore our griefs, He was afflicted, He was despised; we turned our backs on Him.

It was God’s plan to bruise Him, that His soul be made an offering for sin. By the fruit of His suffering He was satisfied. This righteous servant made many righteous, oh, precious Man of sorrows.

Rise up and see your Deliverer! For it is not by might, and not by power but by the Spirit of the Living God.

Cross of Love

Shelley Jennings and Phillip VanRavenswaay

Romans 5:6-8; 1 John 4:9-10; John 3:16-17; Matthew 27:15-54; Mark 15:6-39; Luke 23:13-49; John 18:28-19:37

Blood and sorrow flow from the languid brow of Jesus dying; and tears from Heaven’s eyes are the anguished drops of a Father crying, oh, why?

This must be a cross of love, for God to bruise His only Son. Jesus, what a sacrifice to reach us. It had to be a cross of love.

Emblem of His pain, Oh splintered
wood of my transgressions; I’ll never
comprehend of an act so great,
gave love expression, oh, why?

And the people jeered at Him and mocked His holy
name for they knew not who He was, nor why it
was He came. Some had come to offer help to
soothe a mother’s pain, but as she watched her
wounded Son, the comfort never came, oh, why?

So Shall We Live (Interlude)


So Shall We Live

Angie Thomas, Shane McConnell, Paul Cox, Ernie Rushing, Rod Fletcher, and Choir

Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24:1-49; John 20:1-29; Romans 6:4, 8:11; Ephesians 1:19-23; Galatians 2:20

Light of the world with hope fills the sky, for gone is the power of the darkness; The tomb that held the Son of God breaks with a cry from Heaven, “He who was dead is risen!” Up from the grave ascended, the reign of death is ended. So shall we live, for His cross has gone before. Christ has spoken all our freedom. He’s broken all our bondage. And opened God’s Heaven to man.

O saints rejoice and lift up your voice, for we bear the wounds of our Saviour; and just as Christ was crucified, now we who are buried with Him are raised in newness with Him. We share His resurrection, our blessed liberation.

So shall we live and so shall we reign in glory and power, now and forever. So shall we live. Blessed the name of the Lord! Amen! Amen!

For All These Things

Karla Worley, Keith Lemons, and Choir

Psalm 105:1; Psalm 107:1-2; Psalm 136; 2 Corinthians 9:15

From ransomed men of tender heart, whose souls You taught to sing; Your children lift their voice to You with thanks for all these things. From mountain heights and vaulted skies, Your hand is clearly seen. We cast our praise with nature’s cry to God for all these things. In that night of wonder and promise, night when Christ was born, God Incarnate came to be with us all.

For promises from age to age that caused our hearts to dream; Purest adoration we impact, with thanks for all these things. For refuge from the darkening storm and rest beneath Your wings, we worship You with grateful hearts, oh God, for all these things.

In that day of suffering and sorrow, Son of Heaven died. God Eternal slain for the sins of men.

With honor for the Risen Lord, we praise our coming King; We consecrate our lives to You with thanks for all these things.